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Why BGB?

If you are a law student in China, almost 20 percent of the content is in English. Further, you need to take English proficiency exams to be admitted to graduate programs.

Whether you are applying for a job in law, business, government, or the non-profit world—or applying for a graduate program—you need to master legal English.

That's why legal English is important—and why the Barnes Green Book was developed.

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Contract Law

In this lesson, you'll learn how sellers and buyers of goods use contract law in international sales transactions. You'll get a list of key terms, read a Swiss case about soybeans, sit-in on interviews with a distinguished contracts professor and a Beijing-based lawyer, and will read about an auction sale of bronze rat and rabbit heads. You'll also listen to a song about contracts.

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Ask Steve

What should I include in my application email?

Thank you for your advice on how to make a perfect CV. But I am writing to ask a question. Should we write something else in the application email? What should be included?

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Legal Term of the Day

United Nations Security Council ("UNSC")

one of five principal organs of the UN. The UNSC receives its authority to maintain international peace and security through UNSC resolutions. Five of the 15 seats are permanent: U.S.A., Russia, China, France, and the United Kingdom.

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Writing Tip of the Day

It's and its

It's, with an apostrophe ('), means "it is." Its, without an apostrophe, is a possessive pronoun.

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